Brighten Your Smile Quickly
July 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Teeth WhiteningNeed a whiter smile before a special occasion? Our dentists can make that possible.

You looked in the bathroom mirror for a moment and quickly realized that your teeth certainly aren’t as pearly white as they used to be. You pull out the whitening toothpaste immediately and brush, hoping those yellow stains will just instantly go away. No such luck. Now what? Our Mt. Pleasant, MI, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Keith Bever Jr. and Dr. Lauryne Vanderhoof, have a faster and more effective way to revive the brilliance back into your smile.

Want to get a smile that’s visibly whiter in just one hour? Well, you’re in luck because our Mt. Pleasant dentists can offer just that. If you are dealing with yellow teeth thanks to years of coffee drinking or enjoying red wine, then professional in-office teeth whitening will give you the results you want in no time. In fact, most patients see the results they want after just one whitening session. We could get your smile up to 5 shades whiter (or even more).

So, what makes in-office whitening more effective than other whitening options? First of all, the whitening gel that is used contains a much higher percentage of the active ingredient used to break up and destroy stain molecules hiding within the enamel and dentin layers. Even though a higher percentage of active ingredient (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide) doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be more effective it does mean that it won’t have to stay on teeth nearly as long to be able to provide results. This is why one whitening session will produce amazing results but at-home whitening will take longer.

When you come in for whitening treatment we will first clean your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar buildup. Once teeth are clean we will place a protective barrier in your mouth to reveal your teeth and to cover and protect the lips and gums. From there we will apply the whitening gel over the front surface of your teeth (only the teeth that are visible when you smile). In some cases, a laser may be directed over the teeth to speed up the whitening gel’s effects. The gel is left on the teeth for about 15 minutes before being removed.

Once the gel is removed we will apply another fresh coat of gel over your teeth and leave it for an additional 15 minutes. One whitening session often involves 3 whitening gel applications in order to achieve the desired results. You may also choose to get maintenance whitening treatments every few months to keep your smile looking its best.

Are you interested in getting teeth whitening in Mt. Pleasant, MI? No matter whether you just want to give your appearance a little boost or you have a special occasion coming up, professional teeth whitening is an amazing way to get a more radiant smile. Call us today to find out if whitening is right for you.