Does Your Child Need Sealants?
May 22, 2019
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If you could protect your child from cavities, would you? Of course, you would. But, decay sometimes invades young molars, compromising their strength and longevity. To protect your children, ages five to seven and beyond, ask your Mt. Pleasant, MI, dentist, Dr. Keith Bever, about plastic sealants. Painted onto the chewing surfaces of healthy teeth, sealants are biocompatible and resilient to the acids which break down tooth enamel.

Acid is the cause

In the mouth, acid comes from oral bacteria contained in plaque and tartar, the residues left over from meals. While we all try to remove Happy Kidsthese biofilms by brushing and flossing, some teeth are so bumpy and grooved they collect organic material you cannot see and your brush cannot remove. So, the acid corrodes tooth enamel, leading to cavities, actual holes in tooth enamel.

Enter dental sealants

Shown to protect six- and twelve-year molars from decay, sealants are effective barriers which are easily applied, long-lasting and relatively inexpensive. The American Dental Association reports that 80 percent of children benefit immediately from applied sealants and 60 percent continue to do so four years and more after the in-office treatment.

So, your Mt. Pleasant, MI, dentist frequently recommends plastic sealants for back teeth. After cleaning, drying and isolating a tooth, he applies an etching chemical which texturizes the chewing surface. The sealant varnish is applied with a small brush (much like a nail polish brush), and then, a special dental light hardens the coating. Dr. Bever can proceed to coat other teeth as needed.

Overall, sealants remain intact for up to a year, and yes, they can be re-applied as needed. Teens and adults can receive sealants, too.

The best possible protection

When added to a healthy diet and good at-home and in-office preventive care, plastic sealants confer excellent protection against the ravages of oral bacteria and their acids. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that school-age youngsters whose teeth are not sealed have three times the number of cavities of those kids who do have sealants.

Find out more

Dr. Bever and his team want the healthiest smiles possible for you and your family. Plastic sealants can help achieve that goal. Please call our Mt. Pleasant, MI, office at (989) 773-9793 with your questions about this preventive service or other treatments we offer.