Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. DIY
May 27, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out which teeth whitening method is the best one for your needs.

More and more people are realizing the benefits of having a whiter smile. From promoting better oral health to helping people feel more confident at work or out in the dating world, a vibrant smile can make life just a little easier. Of course, if this is your first foray into teeth whitening then you may be wondering whether you should whiten your teeth yourself or consider turning to our Mt. Pleasant, MI, dentist Dr. Keith Bever, Jr. for treatment. Here are some things to consider,

What is your budget?

This is an important question to ask yourself before you decide to get cosmetic dentistry. If you are low on funds right now then you may find it financially easier to try over-the-counter whitening treatments first to see if they give you the results you want. Of course, we would also be happy to talk to you about ways to finance your cosmetic dentistry. We even offer our own custom at-home whitening system.

How severe are your dental stains?

If your smile is just looking a little drab these days then simply adding a whitening toothpaste to your routine and trying an at-home whitening kit may be all you need to see results in 1-2 weeks; however, if you have deep, dark stains then chances are they aren’t going to respond as effectively to DIY options. In this case, you will see better and faster results by turning to our Mt. Pleasant, MI, cosmetic dentist for professional teeth whitening.

How quickly do you want results?

Maybe you’re weeks away from walking down the aisle or you have an anniversary coming up in the next month or so and you want a smile that’s picture-perfect. If the big day is fast approaching then in-office teeth whitening may be your best bet, as our dental team can get your teeth several shades whiter in just one whitening session. If you need results quickly then you won’t see faster results than with professional whitening.

How busy is your schedule?

If you are already fairly busy then you may not have time to come into the office and sit down for professional whitening treatment. Conversely, you may not have time to sit with whitening trays in your mouth for an hour every day. Consider how much time you can invest in your teeth whitening treatment. If you’d rather get results in one hour and be on your way then in-office teeth whitening may be the best option.

Are you interested in turning to our Mt. Pleasant, MI, family dentist to get professional teeth whitening? Have questions about the cosmetic dentistry services we offer? If so, give us a call today at (989) 773-9793.