Laser Caries Detection

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The laser caries detection technology allows professionals to diagnose caries (cavities) that lie beneath enamel which otherwise can be undetected visually and radiographically. During the traditional (old-fashioned) method of detecting cavities, the dentist would poke the tooth with a sharp, metal instrument; if the tip of the instrument "stuck" to the tooth, it was diagnosed as a cavity. However, this method is extremely inaccurate. It not only fails to detect many cavities, but can also give a "false-positive" reading if the instrument sticks to a tooth where there is no decay. The use of lasers allows our dental team to "see through" enamel and find decay very easily. Early detection of decay leads to smaller fillings that last longer, less chair time for the patient and less post-operative sensitivity. Our hygienists utilize KaVo DIAGNOdent laser cavity detectors, like the one seen above, during preventative care appointments. 

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